Indulge Healthily Without Guilt

With Christmas being the season of goodwill and indulgence as we look to eat, drink and be merry let’s do it in good and healthy spirits without feelings of guilt. Ma Titia offers a few tips on how to keep your health in check whilst still indulging in Christmas treats…….

HIV and Generation X

December 1st is a Special Day Health Wise….Listen to Ma Titia’s Podcast to find out why ….    

Health Risks of Mobiles

Is there any truth in the link between mobile phones and cancer? Ma Titia explores and gives her take on this….

Comfort Food

Are you a comfort eater? Ma Titia suggests we’re all comfort eaters of some sort…listen to her reasons and how to use this to your advantage when it comes to your health…

Impact of Spirituality on Health

Is spirituality hence religion a hindrance or blessing to your health? It’s often about perspective and utilisation. Listen to Ma Titia give her opinion on the link between spirituality and health…

How to Invest in Health

What is your perception of health from an investment perspective? Successful people invest wisely, could it be that healthy ageing is all about investing in ones health. Ma Titia gives her take on how health should be viewed and subsequently invested in….Listen on guys..

Health in Your 40’s

  Each decade brings new challenges with evolving needs and wants….so also do our health needs change. Ma Titia gives her take on health requirements in the decade that many claim is the dawn of a new era as ‘life begins at 40’……….  

Health in Your 30’s

Each decade sees our needs and wants including health requirements changing. The 30’s is when most people start to become actively health conscious, but health needs often have to battle for attention over other competing factors. Ma Titia breaks things down quite nicely in this podcast….

The Male Biological Clock & Fertility

The  dreaded ‘biological clock’ fear doesn’t just apply to women. More and more cases of couples infertility can be attributed to male fertility, so Ma Titia gives key tips on optimising fertility……

Are Celebrities Flying the Flag for Late Motherhood?

In the second part of the series…we consider if older celebrities are misleading other women by delaying motherhood and some giving the impression they are doing it with no medical support or health…(Next part we’ll be tackling fertility issues with men..stay tuned folk!)

Fertility MOT

With suggestions that the average age of motherhood and even fatherhood has increased significantly in recent years in line with the challenges a younger generation faces in getting on the property ladder or establishing themselves in their career, it is vital for fertility health to be considered alongside our physical, mental and social wellbeing. Here…

Weight Loss & Healthy Snacking

Watch out for the hidden causes of weight gain and how to keep a check on your weight by ‘healthy’ snacking.  Ma Titia explains what kind of snacks and ‘healthy’ food you should be staying clear of in order to manage your weight more effectively

Being Healthy Through 9 to 5 (4)

Ma Titia continues in her series of keeping healthy in the work environment. In this final episode of the series she talks about how to minimise exposures to unhealthy substances in the work environment…..

Being Healthy Through 9 to 5(3)

Ma Titia continues the series of being healthy in the work place to talk about how standing on your daily commute and while doing tasks in the work place may actually confer key health benefits to you…

Being Healthy Through 9 to 5 (2)

Ma Titia talks about avoiding musculoskeletal disorders including those associated with regular use of desktops and laptops. As usual she gives off tips to minimise your risk of exposure to such….

Being Healthy Through 9 to 5 (1)

Ma Titia introduces ‘Being Healthy Through 9 to 5’ which is a 4 part podcast on how to maintain your health in the workplace…

Principles to Guide Healthy Living

In all spheres of life principles help guide our actions…health is no difference. Learn more about healthy living with guiding principles through listening to this podcast or buying the book ‘Truth About Health Exposed’ from (

Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV & the Common Link

What is the common link between diabetes, hypertension and HIV/ AIDS?? Ma Titia explains what links all these 3 diseases together and how you can avoid becoming a victim to all three….

Is Health and Wellness a Luxury Industry?

“Health & Wellness is a ‘niche’ market.” This was an interviewees comment based on questioning around the degree of visibility or associated marketing of health products compared to other products or services…listen to ‘Ma Titia’s take on this..

Watch Out for Fake Health News

With news spreading like rapid fire these days thanks to various social media platforms…it is vital to decipher the difference between real and fake news relevant to your health. In this Podcast- ‘Ma Titia’ shares some tips on how you can do this….  


In this episode, Ma Titia talks about why it is important to  “Relax”. Do you consider being healthy as requiring exceptional effort? This is not a trick question, rather it’s a question that often goes unanswered in many health consultations. It’s also a question that we should all ask ourselves periodically. Why is this important…

The Convenience Era

In this episode, Ma Titia discusses  “The Convenience Era”,  is it costing us our health? What price are we paying for convenience? If you enjoy it, please leave a comment and share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.    

Improving Your Health

In this episode, Ma Titia introduces you to the project “Truth About Health Exposed”, and offers tips on alternative means to improve your health without working hard or spending lots of money. If you enjoy it, please leave a comment and share with your friends on facebook, twitter, and other social networks.      

Truth About Health Exposed- the Book

How healthy are you? Better still, how would you describe your health state? Discover how to strategise and take control of your health. “You don’t have to be rich to be healthy, but being healthy can make you rich!” – Unknown Whether you consider yourself healthy or not depends on your perception of what it really…