The Author

FE Adeniji A.K.A  ‘Ma Titia’ inspires and enables people from all walks of life to tackle health challenges on a daily basis. A pharmacist for all of her professional life, she has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping people achieve health-related goals whether through devising strategies to help them deal with their health challenge or through optimising and reducing their dependency on medicines.

Leading roles within the NHS has made her aware of its limitations in preventing long-term conditions and the need to find alternative means of engagement in order to prevent the rise in these conditions.

Her specialist knowledge in HIV and infectious diseases as well as an MSc in Global Health Policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has given her a wide overview of health in its entirety and led to an increased interest in public health and wellbeing. She believes there is a need to inspire, enable and empower people to take a proactive approach when it comes to their health and not wait till faced with the prospect of a slow and painful death as a result of getting a severe ailment.

A keen sports enthusiast and qualified basketball coach who won national championships as a player she is well aware of what it takes to be a winner and overcome challenges. These attributes and her knowledge in the health sector led her to establish a Non- Profit organisation- the Womens Elite Sports Empowerment Initiative, WESIE through which she engages and promotes healthy living within her own community whilst using sports as a tool of engagement to improve health and wellbeing in third world countries.

Indeed, she knows first-hand how frustrated many people become when they fall short of their health goals and believes being healthy is a lot easier than many realise but it starts with their perception followed by a choice and commitment to that choice.